Want to be a badass on your wedding day? We all do, let’s be real. Here’s how you can get a custom jacket for your day!

For custom jackets:

  • We start with one of two options:

1. You can find your own jacket; one that fits you and your style; then you ship your jacket to me.


2. I find a vintage jacket for you and I’ll ship it to you once it’s complete.

  • You let me know what you’d like written. I.e. Bride, Mrs. ___, Boss Betch, etc.

  • We decide on a design and I send you your first proof from my ipad sketch.

  • Once I get your OK, I paint, send you a proud pic, and ship your jacket to the latest Blonde Maker’s Bad Ass Bride.


For Pre-Made Jackets:

There are a few jackets that are already painted and ready ta-go. You have the option of customizing it along with purchase.